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Behind the scenes

Data center

We operate our servers at Accelerated IT Services GmbH's data center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The data center is only meters away from the world's most important internet exchange point, the DE-CIX.

  • State of the art network equipment
  • Native IPv4 and IPv6
  • Low pings worldwide
  • 100% green energy
  • Uninterruptible power supply and diesel generator
  • Located in Frankfurt am Main, only meters away from DE-CIX

The network has direct peerings with Level 3 (20 GBit/s), GTT (10 GBit/s), Deutsche Telekom (DTAG, 20 GBit/s). Hundreds of other carriers (including Vodafone, Freenet and Swisscom) can be reached at DE-CIX (20 GBit/s) and AMS-IX (10 GBit/s).

Einer unserer Switches
One of our switches

Physical nodes

We use only use Supermicro servers with Xeon E5 processors, at least 64 GB memory and SSDs in a RAID array.

Other than many competitors, we do not rent servers but own all our nodes.

We don't "over-sell" our physical nodes and we always make sure there's enough capacity left.


We developed our own, fully automated management software on top of the KVM hypervisor.

You can create, delete and reinstall CloudServers in a matter of seconds.

Your own ISO files can be booted and installed via our remote management console.

Unser Servermanager
Our management interface